Ad Hoc File Transfer

Organisations around the world are using managed file transfer solutions to ensure compliance, protect the transfer of intellectual property, improve business productivity and reduce costs. Ad Hoc File Transfers, or person to person file transfers, represent a significant percentage of daily file transfer activity within an organisation and as such they pose one of the greatest challenges.


The Key Challenges:

  • Large files on your email network drive up storage costs and reduce the performance of your exchange
  • File attachment size limits and mailbox quotas encourage users to bypass security and send files outside the organisation via CDs, DVDs or USB devices
  • Sending valuable data unencrypted and unsecured with no visibility or audit control can put the organisation at risk of data leakage by
  • People need to be able to send and receive secure or large files to others internally and externally
  • Regulations and compliance directives mean that companies need to adhere to strict policy and governance rules
  • Inevitably this leads to unnecessary work and delays; possibly delaying projects and ultimately making the organisation less agile in its business operations practices.


  • Offload file attachments from email servers and reduce email storage costs
  • Eliminate users turning to unsecure, non compliant workarounds.
  • Allows users to send files of any size without any training
  • Increase user efficiency by providing staff with a simple method of sending large files
  • Enjoy full auditing and reporting
  • Send large files easily
  • Balance governance with how workers collaborate
  • Using Ad Hoc File Transfer, business users still send an email, but instead of the file being attached and sent through the email system, the file is uploaded to a Secure FTP Server. Recipients download the file by clicking on a secure link sent along with the email message.

Choosing the right vendor



Ad Hoc Transfer Module for MOVEit DMZ Enterprise
With the MOVEit DMZ Enterprise Ad Hoc Transfer module, authorized MOVEit DMZ Enterprise users can securely transfer files to anyone in the world using either a Web browser or Microsoft Outlook. Free Trial

logo_ipswitch Ad Hoc Transfer Module for WS_FTP Server
Used in conjunction with any of the industry-leading WS_FTP Server products, the Ad Hoc Transfer module enables companies to proactively manage file transfer and other interactions. Free Trial


gs_icon Send Files of Any Size Via Email - GlobalSCAPE Ad Hoc File Transfer is a method used to send files securely with your customers and business partners without the risks and hassles associated with email and FTP-based file transfers. It allows end users to easily attach and send large files while ensuring all data transfers are tracked, audited, and supported by IT - Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) Server Enterprise. Free Trial

Boole Server

boole A security platform designed to protect against unauthorized viewing, manipulation or distribution of confidential data. Free Trial

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